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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

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well anyways. if i didn't visit you, sorry. I didn't men to. anyways. got up extra early this morning to finish my history homework. i hate history. it's my worst subject ever. it was the only section i didn't do that well in for the state testing results. but w/e. had an assembly. boring. after school went to an arcade. there's this one bowling game that is so fun. haha. [can you tell that i'm obsessed with bowling?] but i was so excited because i made it to the top three scores. i got a 211 game. XD woot. i'm lke famous. lmao.

after school went home. my cousin and her friend came over and we all swam. for a while. then later i finally realized that i lost my planner book when i was looking through my backpack. :( so i have to try to think of all my homework from the top of my head =.= damn. i have really bad memory too.

hm..then a while later after surfing around my computer, i went downstairs to play nightfire with my others cousins that are living with us. and yeah. they had to go to sleep [they're little kids] so here i am updating. haha. yeah. not very eventful. i'm gonna try to find some anime to watch on youtube. :)

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