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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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Name: Sara
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hm. well. i'm pretty worn out today. ^^' i wasn't really having a good day either. I just felt like crap all day. *sigh* the morning it was ok. school wasn't particularly exciting today. nothing to talk about. heh. well, i totally forgot to take a pic of my painting, BUT yesterday night I DID upload some old and some new pictures in the fanart section. I'm too lazy to post up the link so if you're interested, go right to my portfolio link and go under fanart. :) I need to start doing some wallpapers again. haha.

a while back one of my wallpapers got deleted. apparently i was using someone's fanart. *shrug* it didn't look like fanart to me. I thought it was official art. psh. oh well.

today after feeling like crap i just watched gazette in concert on youtube. aoi and kai are so cute together >.< my friend also got this limited time dvd of one of their concerts. I think they have all this backstage footage too. haha. i'm gonna make her burn the dvd for me. >DDD

hm. yeah. I think i'll waste some space and you guys can stare at the all mighty sexy AKI!!!

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