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Monday, September 25, 2006

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hm. well my weekend was alright. friday night went to see "Accepted" again. I love that movie. If you haven't seen it, watch it. There is quite a lot of cursing in it, but it's a good movie. ^_^

Then on saturday went bowling again . did pretty well. we were having a bracket tournament thing between players and I made it all the way to second place but got beat the last game. I never seem to make it to first. only second. =.= Our team is also in second place in the regular league. :) Later that night we went over to my cousins house to sleep over [it's gonna be a weekly thing that we go over there on saturday nights]. My cousins friends were all there so we went all crazy as hell. haha. it was fun though. I discovered that there is a trance song about DOTA. for those who don't know, DOTA is like a mini game inside WARCRAFT. I'm pretty sure you guys have heard of warcraft right?. but yeah. it was funny though. my cousins friends philip and some other guy were freaking to the song. lmao. crazy people.

sunday. went to art class and finally finished this one painthing i was working on. I like how it turned out. I think I might post up a pic of it tomorrow. then i came home and helped my mom make sushi and some viet food. not to brag or anything but my mom makes the best california rolls EVER. then we went to the mall and we bought a whole bunch of lotions from bath and body works. >.< big sale. 4 for $10. that's pretty crazy cheap if you really know the prices for thier items. then i went to another store and stared and a whole bunch of sesshoumaru posters. XDD i knew i could afford it but if my mom saw it, she would have yelled at me. :( she doesn't like my using my money for anime. haha. she doesn't care that i watch it but she's against me buying anime things. so i buy them secretly. >D

we then came home and started to cook for the party we were hosting for my dads bday which was earlier in the week. after stuffing our faces off, we jumped into the freezing pool. >.< i swear it was FREEZING. our heater has been broken for a while now. but we still go swimming in the winter so it's all good. ^_^ its even colder in the winter. haha.

we were also discussing what we should do for my sister's 18th bday party and they decided japanese theme!!!! XDD YAY! we're gonna have a wrestling ring in the middle of our backyard and we're gonna dress up in these sumo bag thingies and sumo wrestle! XDD it is going to be SO much fun. haha. and we're gonna have everything centered around the wrestling ring.

my ipod froze. I think it might be too outdated. it's been a good few hours already and it's still frozen. I might have to replace it with a new one. inthe meantime my cousin let me use his ipod video. haha he's too nice. ^_^ he know's how to suck up to me. XD if i really do have to replace my ipod, i am SO gonna get a ipod video. hell yes. >.<

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