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Thursday, September 21, 2006

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Name: Sara
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so sorry for not visiting. I'm just having a bad day and didn't get to visit. Woke up this morning feeling miserable.again. Lately, i've been somewhat having a cold. I rarely get sick. Those who have known me for a while now, should have noticed that of all the times i post, i was rarely sick. but yeah. i guess that's what i get for sleeping right next to a wide open window with an additional fan blowing at me. =.=

anyways. went to school. in my art class, we have an option whether to continue our regular class or enter the coca cola art contest. I chose the coke contest but i'm having a little trouble getting an idea into my head. then after third period i left my book in the classroom for my friend to use since she has the same teacher right after i do. but when i went to get my book back during lunch, she said that it wasn't there. O_O i guess someone stole my book during the 2-3 minutes from when my friend would get to the classroom. so i'm screwed for the homework. whooppy doo.

then right after school i find out that i accidently left my chemistry book outside the library but i'm hoping my friend saw it and took it home with her. god i hate textbooks!!! and then when we were getting a ride home i had this feeling that my cousin was pissed off cuz he had to bring us home. yeah. pretty bad day for me.

came home and just kind of sat there for a little bit. i needed to rest my head a little bit. then i was forced out of the house because there were people looking at our house. then my aunt forced me to play touch football with them. =.= being as lazy as i am, i hate things physical. anything that involves moving fast and thinking. ew. haha.

came home for dinner, right after dinner my mom made me stay downstairs. then i got caught up in watching the season premier of america's top model. it's actually very interesting. it jsut ended like ten minutes ago. XD


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