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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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Name: Sara
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Oh my gosh. I'm back. O_O no way right? definitely. So sorry about the long pause. I have seriously been a little too much on the lazy side since school is taking away all my energy and time. I mean I finally get it why people say that your junior year is the more hard working. I mean usually I have at least one free period to catch up on homework but this year. nu uh. none. noda. kapeesh. it's kind of sad really since i was already slacking off within the first three days of school. haha. But i've been trying to stop the laziness [i know. GASP O_O], which explains why i haven't even been updating or visiting. God I hate school.

anyways. I guess I will bore you people to death with some recent updates about myself. I did not pass my driving test. I guess I was still partially asleep and the guy said i needed more practice. what a bummer but I guess that's to be expected when you've only been practicing for about a couple of weeks when you had 6 months to do it. ^^' Right now I'm just trying to get as much practice as I can [which isn't even very much] but my schedule clashes with my instructor so to take my test again i'm gonna need to ditch class...which I'm not too sure about cuz it means double the work the next day.

I've been spending a lot of my free time getting into "Gazette". (for those who don't know, they are like the UBER-est J-Rock band ever ♥). A close friend and I have even promised to one day go to a gazette concert together. One day. life-long dream. *sigh* We'd probably get kille din the crowd though. they got some pretty hardcore fans...psychos.

Today we had a lock-down. it was actually my first time experiencing one. supposedly someone called 911 through a payphone outside campus telling them that a student had a weapon in a certain class so they made us stay in the classrooms until after school. it was actually a really annoying experience. the freshmen in my class were really annoying. Before we actually found out what was happening outside, they were just jabbering their hearts out. I mean if there really was someone out there with bazookas or soemthing, they would've heard us and bam. I wouldn't be here. stupid kids.

well, I shall make a new layout since this one is surely getting old. :) I think I might go for something new. I'm not quite sure yet. :]I'll get back to you guys on that. ^_^

phew. long post. you made it! I would've just quit halfway. I personally hate reading REALLY long posts unless it's about something VERY interesting or I totally agree with a rant or something of that manner. XD now shoo. or go do something. I've wasted enough of your time. go away. XDDDDDDD

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