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Monday, August 14, 2006

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Name: Sara
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hm. well jsut came back from bowling again. I can't believe I got a foul. I've never gotten one before. right when I make a spare it fouled!! >[ DAMN YOU FOUL LINES!!! but it was good. I had to beg my mom to let me since it was kind of late. oh yeah. sunday was my moms birthday. Me and my sister got her a ipod video cover and the cassette thingy to play your ipod in your car. She just recently got the ipod video 60G for her soon-to-be trip to china so yeah.My mom just turned 40. :)

ok. anyways. after art class we went out to eat and oh my gaht. after the first bite, my stumach protested but my mom said i had to eat =.= i swear i was gonna die. i notice that most chinese cafe's in my area always serve the same tpye of things...then after we went to visit my great-gradma in the retirement hostpital thingy. it's actually kind of funny that she's super energetic for a 97 yr old. but she's doing fine. she just recently fainted and yeah. but she's doing really good. She's funny. XD

then after we went shopping for the barbeque for my moms bday party and oh my. I was so tired from that. walking around for hours and hours and hours just shopping and waiting for my mom to buy five millions pounds of meat. *sigh* we had so many leftovers...i knew we had too much. i told my mom that but she wouldn't listen to me. lol. When we bought the cake, instead of listing it as cappacino, they listed it as 'cuppacino'. haha. it was funny when i saw it. but that cuppacino cake was good. ^_^ my nephew made it the party too. he's so cute and fat. man....i realized almost all the newborns into the family are so fat. haha. we got the fat babies.

Oh yeah. also want to thank you guys for 4000 hits. you guys are awesome..although I bet lindsey gets like 5 million a day. haha.

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