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Sunday, August 6, 2006

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Name: Sara
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hm. well this might be a really short post for today..anyways. went to my cousins house after bowling. played the naruto game only for the gamecube..it hasn't come out in the US yet, so SHH. X] yeah it's totally in japanese but w/e. my cousins already figured it out. it's really fun. i especially love using shikamaru XDD he totally PWNS everyone...well except itachi and jiraiya. ^^' but my cousin can beat me with every character except kiba. >DD it's real fun though.

my cousins came back from china on friday. they got me all these little keychains and figurines XDD they got me kakashi and renji ^_^ so cute. had lunch with them and yeah. good times.

anyways. i might just change the layout completely and make a new one. *shrug* i might go with what hinaru suggested. maybe ergo proxy, if i get enough good images :]

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