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Friday, August 4, 2006

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
Member since: 04/03/05
Location:California, USA
Occupation: Lazy person
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oh my. it feels real nice to be able to actually say that i'm back. ^_^ well. i'm back. XD school is officially over!!! XDD YEAH! I actually managed to get really good grades thi summer. i'm proud of myself *pats my own back* I managed to get both A's in my 3 page essay and presentation. i'm not sure what i got on my final yet. teacher didn't finish correcting it on time.and for my second period i got a B in the first part and an A in the second part which is worth more points. so i'm damn proud of myself...i remember at the end of the school year i was getting an F. *sigh* glad to get it over with...my bio teacher is pregnant.

anyways. i was gonna start on a new layout but i'm still not sure what i wanna do it on...new a theme...*thinks* as soon as i figure it out i'll let you guys know. :)

anyways. my dad is in his room blasting meditation music. haha. i walked past at first and he was just sitting there meditating. its kinda weird since usually he would jsut sit there and drink. but i'm glad he's doing something productive sintead of getting drunk every night. ever since he came from china he has been a slightly better person..but a little meaner. but i heard that its only because when he was at china, my other uncle wouldn't let him tag along with them. which sucks bad. but yeah. i just think he's going through PMS. ^_^

Well i haven't been able to update you guys with the stuff i have been doing lately. I'm sure some of you guys heard about that one drawing contest for the 'art of otaku'. well i entered but who knows what the results are yet....anyone know when the results are going to be released? anyways..to visit my entry go HERE. and also a new wallpaper but i really dont feel like posting up the link. lol. i fyou really want to see it just look for it on my "portfolio" link in the navigation. :) i also updated the side bar...

and my mom is planning to go to europe next summer and she wants to take us kids too :o gasp! that means i have to work super duper hard next year so i don't have to retake any classes. XD can't wait.

I have a bruise on my arm from crashing into a chair...=.= it hurts like hell..so sad :( I usually don't bruise easily but yeah. its only my second bruise in a couple of years.

i'm drained and need to get my sleep now. ^_^ haven't had much of it lately cuz of the cramming of summer school. *sigh* can't wait to get into my bed............

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