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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

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Name: Sara
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man i'm just about drained

well i didn't get a chance to update during the weekend ^^' I was out almost all day saturday. after bowling I watched 'the hills have eyes' with my sister cuz she was too chicken to watch it by herself. haha. it was really disturbing and gorey. but i was all like 'ah!! with my eyes all open staring straight at all the blood and guts. lol. i couldn't take my eyes off of it. haha. then i went to my cousins 1 month after pregnancy party. but the bad thing was that they had NO ac so i was freakin dying. haha. while we were there i watched 'fun with dick and jane' with my other cousin. we didn't get to finish the movie but it was hliarious. haha. i would definitely recommend to the older audiences that haven't watched it yet.

then sunday went to art class started on the pic for the contest. my teacher kept telling me my picture wouldn't win but w/e. I think I'll have fun painting it though. :) after that we went out to eat pho and then went to my cousins house [another one] and made some strawberry shakes. not to be bragging but i make some damn good shakes. XDDD then later we went bowling again with my other cousins from sweden. we had like 15 people with us so that took a while. then after we went to my house to go swimming. then we went out for ramen. XDD it was really good.

ok, it seems no one entered any of the contests. Sp i'm guessing no one is interested. So for those who think they are interested, feel free to pm me. I won't make any official dates or anything but as soon as i get enough people to even call it a contest, more info will be released.

I have been into the whole wallpaper making mode again [whoopy] and made 3 new wallys. :)

hm..yes. I think i shall go to bed now. :)

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