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Friday, July 7, 2006

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Name: Sara
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I really don't know anymore

I really can't stand being home anymore. Ever since the summer started, my mom has been bitching about everysingle little thing I do. I mean I can just ask her where the food is, and she would start screaming at me. seriously. She's been yelling at me constantly. She's always saying that we never talk to her but she doesn't even let us talk to her cuz she would just always ignore us either with her stupid chinese dramas or just walk away and talk to someone else. It really feels like I have no mom. Dad too but right now he's in china. The only person that's always been there for me like a parent is my older sister. I seriously can't wait to leave the house. Can't stand her anymore. I am SO dorming when i get into college. Back when she just got her surgery for colon cancer we tried our best to take care of her and be there for her but every time we would make a mistake she would be telling us that we were killing her. My sister even confronted her about it and all she said was "Good. Cause you guys really are killing me". That really hurt deep.

But onto more happy things. last night my sister and her boyfriend brought us to go range shooting [golf]. We were originally supposed to go bowling but they didn't have open lanes. My mom wouldn't let us out of the house at first but she knew how mad i was about not going bowling. But all she gave me was 10 dollars for 3 people. I mean she always complains that i never get out of the house and when i actually want to go out she frekin yells at me.

Ok. I think that's enough about the M O M now. I seriously can't stand being at home. As soon as I get my car, she'll never see me at home again. I bet she'll be happy not seeing me.

Pics. :)

The twins 4rm Ouran High School Host club :) They were like the only host club ones. :o

she was really cool looking. It was a female kakashi XDDD

that was the best reno i saw all day.

not really sure who they were but it seemed like JRocker cosplayers. *shrug*

his shirt says 'I'm a great dad and my daughter loves me". He was carrying speakers and saying "My daughter is cuter than yours!". lol. it was real cute. :)

this was the only sesshy i saw there. but the boa thing was horrible. it was like a sack of poop. lol. but nonetheless. great job. but she was a little on the short side.

he was a transforming box. lol. it was really awesome.

my friend looking retarded fanning herself. XDD


yeah that's me in the middle. ^_^

to see more pics of wataru just go to my photobucket album HERE.

I think I'm done. :)

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