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Thursday, July 6, 2006

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ohmahgad. lol. I haven't been here for a few days now huh? ^_^ sorry bout that. too much going on for me to update. anyways. AX was SIMPLY AMAZING. some people told me there wasn't as much free stuff as last year though. lol. The viz booth were giving out free tote bags. I wanted one but they're cheapo. I came at the end when they still had pretty much 5 million bags left but they said "you can't get one unless you subscribe to shonen jump or buy a book". buttholes. the bag was pretty cool too. green. ^_^ anyways. here's how it went: [i have a feeling this will be the longest post i've written yet...if you add the pics at the end too. XDD]

SUNDAY: couldn't sleep till 4AM then woke up at 5.got ready and left the house by 6. baka friends forgot their tickets so we had to go back and forth a couple of times. =.= When we finally got there, there was already a freakin long line..but luckily we got there early and was pretty up in the line. XDDD i looked at the line a little later on and damn. i felt good being in the front. lmao. suckers. so i got in and the viz booth was packed already with people with ARMFULLS of books. i literally mean ARMFULLS. it went from their chins to as low as the arms can reach. i was being stupid and thought they were actually buying those but later found out those were all for free. =.= baka me.

we walked around alot of places, wasted alot of money [well not wasted but hell it was gone fast]. I actually found man-faye but i got there too late and he had just put his robe back on. =.= i couldn't find him the rest of the day :( I was sad. I also passed the yaoi section but damn. those girls are feisty. sheesh. I didn't get to even looked at the books cuz of all the pschotic fangirls. but the guy behind the stand was funny. he was yelling out 'yaoi!!!' with a bunch of yaoi paddles. lol. i wanted one of those but ran out of money by then. I later dropped by the jrock section and got myself the BoA cd/dvd set. now THAT was expensive. probably the most expensive thing i bought. I also got a huge laminated picure of REITA from gazette. *drool* TOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I also got the advent children action figure of vincent for only 20 buckos. O_O crazy. i was so happy. sephiroth can have a playing partner >.< lol.

But the highlight of the day didn't come until Wataru and Sakai of the JRock band '12012' showed up!!! O_O OMG i went into freakish fangirl mode. haha. i have like 5 million pictures of just wataru >.< He's so freakin hot upclose!!!!!!!! SO CUTE♥ I even got to get my picture taken and autographed by both of them!!! XDDDD KAKOII!!!!!!!!!!!! i was literally dying when i hugged him XDDDDDDDDDD i swear i was about to feint. *breathe* it was simply amazing. I have the video of their entrance on youtube. i'm too lazy to give the link. lol. just search for ' AX 2006 12012 entrance ' and you'll find it. :) the username is 'sesshofreako'.

then we went to some karaoke place and listened to people try to kill my eardrums. lol. then we went to some concert of this one jpop singer. i don't remember name but she sang the opening of 'da capo' and some other stuff. and that was my day.

and also hop eeveryone had a good 4th of july. I sure did. i was at my cousins house and i swear everyone down the block was firing the illegal fireworks. haha. the cops even came. lol. it was actualy kind of funny cuz we were doing it too and we didn't get caught. lol. but the stupid bakatards across the street was throwing smoke balls at us. i swear i was gonna curse them out if it wasn't for all the adults around me. *glares* pissed me off cuz it kept going under my chair. and whenever the fireworks went one, the pieces would hit my head. =.= but overall it was a pretty good day. :)

and monday. went to eh movies. watched superman returns.man kate bosworth has gotten way too skinny to look hot. seriously. what's with the anorexic look these days. it's disgusting. but clark on the other hand, was pretty awesome. he's soo funny as clark. XDD the movie overall was pretty good but the beginning got me a little confused at first. lol. ^_^

hm...i think i'll have all the pics of everything tomorrow instead of today since it seems my post is already my longest post ever WITHOUT my pics. lol. imagine how much longer it would have been with the pics...haha. wow.

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