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Saturday, June 24, 2006

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I'm alive!!!!!
OK so yesterday wasn't here but it seems there were a quite a number of people interested in becoming a judge. I picked the first four people who PMed or emailed me so sorry if I didn't get to pick you to become a judge. theres always next contest...which i have no idea when the next one will be. lol. probably later on in the summer when i'm bored out of my mind. lol.

but anyways. yesterday morning went with my mom to turn in some stuff for the bank, mortgage, and income tax stuff. then we went to bring my little cousin to the doctor since his mom didn't. remember how i said i didn't like that one aunt? yeah. his mom. it was so cute when he went to the doctor though. lol. he ran behind me and hid his arms behind his back. lol. too cute. lucky him he didn't et a shot. lol. it seems the bugs in the sand he plays in, are giving him rashes his his freakin mom is too lazy to give him a proper bath. seriously...then we went out to eat with my other aunt and uncle. little cousin drank all of my smoothy.

then he got tired and fell asleep on my lap so i had to carry his fat butt into the car. lol. he's too cute sometimes. >.< but sometimes he can just be a butt. but anyways. we then went to my grandmas house and played with my baby cousin [who's almost 1]. he's so freakin cute. lol. he likes to bite people's legs. lmao. he's really fat too. lol. he's like a turkey ready to bake. he's like a donut. XD

then i went to my moms work and helped with some stuff on her computer. and fell asleep on the keyboard. but when i woke up it was SO hot i swear i was sweating a river. =.= then later on watched my mom dance. i think they were doing the tango or something. it was pretty cool. :) then went home and ate dinner. :)

today woke up bored out of my mind already. lol. but my mom said she would pay me $100 a month if i corrected my couin and brothers "kumon" homework. kumon's this one institute places that claim to help your child improve in english and math. heh. yeah. but hey. i'm getting paid. woot. its like my summer job. lmao. so i spent the morning correcting their homework stuff. then around 3 went to my art class and finished up the painting i was working on . it turned out pretty good.

oh yeah i finally got my AX ticket/badge!!! WOOT!! anyone else going? I'm going on sunday the 2nd. i wonder which days CLAMP is gonna be there. >.< can't wait!!!!!

WHOA!!! what a coinky-dink! ClAMP is gonna be at AX [anime expo] and my layout is Tsubasa....CLAMP!!!!! GASP! i am just too cool like that. lmao.

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