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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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Name: Sara
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CRIKEY! I'm back....again. ^^'
heh. yeah i'm alive again. took another short break from last time. I usually don't update on the weekends and yeah.....but I think I want to bore you guys with my weekend. XDD I ♥ you guys.

Friday. got muchos sleep >.< woohoo. around 3:30 i went to pick up my HUGE boquet [sp?] of white roses hong kong style [gliterry tips] for my sisters graduation. It was so damn hot that day i'm sure lindsey would have enjoyed it =.= it was about 100 degrees that day. phew. after the graduation [7pm] we all went to BUFFET!!!!!!!! the foos wan't all that great but i got to see my cousins christine, dennis, benny, and christine's bf rick. they were the highlight of my night. haha. it was fun catching up with them again. haha. it was a fun night. :)

k anyways. saturday. got a free boeling ball and a personal coach. :o gasp. that's a first. we didn't leave the bowling alley till like 2 in the afternoon. haha. that's like...almost 6 hours of bowling. :o then we met up with my cousins [aunts/uncles but it feels weird to call them that since their about my age] who came from sweden for the summer. :) we brought them to the mall to shop but it seems like they're afraid to shop or something. lol. the only thing they would buy were shoes. lol. i also got two new pairs of shoes!! >.< woohoo!!! we were gonna go watch movies after but we didn't have a ride =.= suxors.

Sunday. skipped art class cuz it sucks. :) went out to eat with family then went to visit my cousin who just recently gave birth to a boy. ^_^ he sleeps so damn CUTE!!! but when he woke up he made the most disgusting fart/poop bomd. *shudders* it was so nasty. lmao. it's like the noise with those ketchup sqeeze bottles. when there only a little bit left and you sqeeze as hard as you can it makes this funny farting noise. that's what it sounded like but wetter. XDDDD after visiting them, we went to the movies. we watched the fast and the furious: tokyo drift. I swear that white guy has the worst redneck accent EVER. i wanted to choke him the whole time. lol. but i couldn't help but think about initial D throughout the movie. maybe it was just me since i'm a big initial D fan. *shrug* but the cars were REAL nice. theres a surprise at the end too. You'll only get it if you watched the first fast and the furious movie. then we went bowling.slept over at my cousins house too :)

wow. i wrote alot. =.= i need to stop doing that. lol. but anyways. i finally have the contest site up.

it's not TOTALLY complete but it's up and going. I'll continue to work on it today and tomorrow and how ever long it needs. I also need about 2-3 more judges. If you're interested, please PM me or email me. :)

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