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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

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12-something AM Tuesday
wow. man I was just rushing REALLY hard to get my essay done and turn into at turnitin.com [stupid schools are making us do this now] and right after i turned it in all crappy, i realized, i still had ten more minutes to fix it alittle. =.= it was 11:49 and i was freaking going at the speed of light turning it in...it wasn't due till 11:59 TT.TT god i hope i don't fail my essay. i did a horrible job at the works cited. *sigh* my brain is about to give out on me.

but on the bright side. this yesterday morning my mom told me the funniest thing. some of you guys might know those asian cakes right? usually some kind of fruit cake or taro [ew]. well it was leftover from my little cousins bday party [there were so less people there that not even half the cake was done and alot of the kids had doubles]. well they are meant to stay cold and eaten cold. my stupid housekeeper stuffed the cake into a microwave oven and rebaked it. LMAO ROFLCOPTER TO THE MAX. i couldn't help but LOL in her face. it was too funny...it really did make my morning very cheeerful. ^_^

but anyways. i think my brain is seriously gonna go on a vacation soon. i can't even think straight in class anymore without blanking out...especially in bio. i mean i can't even remember things we JUST learned like 5 minutes ago. haha. my brain needs to check out soon before i die. TT.TT

but my dad has been buggin me about his techinical problems and his lack of computer skills. he doesn't even know how to double click =.= it really uscks cuz he ONLY asks me for help. even when i was on the point of dying from the essay due he still made me go help him when i had such short amount of time left to turn the damn thing in. =_= i seriously cant wait till school ends for me. i'll be jumping for joy and running in the middle of the street screaming the weirdest things that come to my brain. then i'll die from exhaustion and get runover by the passing cars. oh what a fun day ^_^ can't wait.

my posts have been pretty long lately...i wonder why...

so far i have one judge. :) so remember, if you're interested in becoming a judge for my graphics contests coming soon, PM me or email me. :)

too lazy to post up pics of sexy men. sorry chris. :)

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