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Monday, June 5, 2006

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6/04/06 Sunday

hmm...well glad most you liked the new layout. :) for those who can't hear it, you need flash to be able to view the player, which I'm pretty sure most of you have. anyways. today was my little cousins birthday. His mom was too cheapo to have a real party so she bought a cake and came over to our house and called it a party. but we later ditched her with her son when we went bowling. haha. she refused at first but we yelled at her. XD In my opinion she's a really bad mom. she calls herself a mom just cause she gave birth to 2 sons. My grandma pretty much raised him herself no thanks to his mom. as you can tell I don't like her.

k well went to borders and got mad at the stupid reader who refuse to put the books back where they belong. I mean haven't you ever been to the manga section and it's totally trashed? it really bugs me. It's not that hard. I can never find the right books. stupid little kids. >[ I mean i don't even work there and it pisses me off. so be helpful to all the other manga readers out by putting the books back where they belong. you save people [like me] going into psycho angry mode and kill everything close by. :)

Anyways. some of you guys are asking 'what contest?' when i mentioned that i would delay the contests. I was planning on hosting some graphic contests earlier but haven't found the time to actually set it up and get it going. It will probably start as the end of my school year comes. I will probably start looking for some judges soon, so if you are interested please PM me [since i hear they are starting to fix that] or send an email with a few of your works so I'll know if you are qualified to judge the pieces. :)

some of you guys are so lucky to be out of school already. *sigh*

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