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Saturday, June 3, 2006

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Name: Sara
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6/3/06 Saturday

yay! I finally have the layout up. If you dont use Mozilla Firefox it's gonna look like crap. Serious. As for the music, if you hear some static noises, that's the beginning of the song so just wait a bit and you'll hear the song. The layout is somewhat simple because after I had to redo the layout, I pretty much lost my inspiration =.= I just didn't feel like making it look any nicer. lol. and I spent the whole day afterschool yesterday just coding the layout. It would've taken a lot faster but I can't copy and paste TT.TT. But I hope you guys like it anyway. :)

Ok, I officially hate the summer. I'm sure lindsey would LOVE this weather over here. I can't stay in a room without feeling like I'm being boiled alive TT.TT it makes me REALLY irritated. I have ALL the windows open with fans and it's not working!!! CURSE YOU GLOBAL WARMING!!!! Right now would be a really nice time to move to alaska. haha. *nods* definitely. I WANT COLD BACK!!! WINTER! COME BACK!!!

TWO MORE WEEKS OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! yay ^__^ i cant wait. during the summer my mom is gonna try to sell our house since we can't really afford that house anymore. my dad stopped making money so yeah. it's been hard. but luckily my mom wont torture me and make me go to a new school. :) I is happy. for me i really dont mind if we live in a small house as long as i have my computer. Me and my sister used to always share rooms anyway so its not a big deal. XD

I decided to delay the contests until i get out of school since i know i wont be able to concentrate on the upcoming finals and the rush from school if the contests are going on.

the comment link is WAY at the bottom. :) *points down*

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