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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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Name: Sara
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11:15pm monday

sorry for not updating these past few days. I was busy/lazy. ^^' but anyways. hope you guys had a good memorial weekend. I'm pretty sure most of us got the day off right? i did of course. haha. on sraturday i finally started my drivers training and got honked at. *sigh* i mean why honk when there's a BIG HUGE GINORMOUS sticker on the car that says STUDENT DRIVER ? but yeah. my sister was thinking about driving behind us and tailgating me. TT.TT she can be so cruel at times. but anyways. it was a little harder than expected but it wasn't that bad. i cant wait to drive. middle schoolers will be SO excited to be run over by me >DDD i'm shaking from anticipation.....
JK. :)

sunday my uncle and aunt invited us to go jet skiing with them. XD it was so fun. all of my uncle [by law] and his neices and nephews came and it was really awesome. almost died a few times but it was all worth it. then after we went to my aunt isabels house and swam..again. lol. then we had our HUGE game of SPOONS again. haha. i love that game...except when they start to get violent start attacking body parts to get the spoons. haha. ^^' they're all crazy!!!

then today my little cousin came over and we went to the movies. we watched over the hedge midafternoon. the movie is really hilarious. haha. i love the turtle. HES SO CUTE!!!!!!!! i would definitely recommend this movie even if it's for little kids. :) we wanted to watch XMEN3 but most of the tickets were sold out. damn. but it was still worth it i guess. XDDD

anwyays. I'm thinking about a new layout soon so there's that. and also that banner/avatar contest. *sigh* whoo. what fun. haha.

my mom is trying to restirct me to only 2 hours of computer time again *sigh*

i like his hair >.<

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