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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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10:30pm Monday

hm..well today i went to school without an umbrella or a jacket. and it rained....HARD. =.= I was stuck in the rain for a while too cuz under the areas with a roof it was PACKED. and i mean our school is REALLY crowded. we have a big high school [compared to some of the others around our area] but we have almost 4 thousand people. I was thoroughly soaked...the only part that wasnt wet was under the boobers. =.= i was literally taking a shower out there. lol. i was dripping water when i got into a classroom. lol my friends had to wipe me down with paper towels XD

anyways. i dont know how i forgot about this but on saturday i went to a wedding. lol. i seriously dont know how i forgot last night. *sigh* my poor brain...but yeah we went to a wedding. :) they were playing this game thing where the groom/bride had to blindfold themselves and touch a group of hands. they have to guess which hand was their bride's/groom's. haha. it was really funny. cuz the groom was feeling hands and just to confuse him, they added in more hands than they were supposed to and the groom thought the camera man's hand was the brides. lmao. it was so funny. haha.

ok i was working on this contest thing for this forum and i somewhat got myself to do a wallpaper instead. lol.

This is a remake of another wallpaper i did a while back...HERE
I forgot to upload the painting so i think for sure i'll have it up tomorrow. :) no lies this time. XD

I need to rape this man. *nods* definitely. >DDD

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