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Monday, May 22, 2006

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11:20pm Sunday

well it's been a somewhat short weekend for me. haha. anyways. friday. stayed afterschool with my friend to watch people try out for our school singing/dancing co-ed group 'chanteurs' [not sure if it's spelled correctly]. There were some REALLY good singers and there were the horrible singer who couldn't sing in tune or speak english fluently. ^^' But some people are REALLY good. :) I R jealous. XP so i sat there for almost three hours listening to people sing. man i miss being on choir. *sigh*

Saturday went bowling as usual. i did ok but my averages have been dropping =.= I'm getting worse..it's kind of sad..but then again we could've won if the opponents handicap wasn't more than 4 times our handicap. lol. but yeah. i forgot what else happened that day. ^^'

today finally got that painting back. it'll probably be up tomorrow or later on today for some of you. :) started a new painting. i hate painting. =.= it drives me nuts cuz it takes so long to finish...especially since most of hte time i tend to get perfectionist with paintings. it's weird. i annoy myself sometimes. *sigh* then my sister made me some pancakes even i hate pancakes...but i'm not sure she knew that. lol. people get really surprised when i tell them i dont like ihop. haha. then we went to the mall. i finally got FFVII:AC eglish dubbed! it was on sale. XDD $24. woot. the voices themselves is almost perfect, it's just the acting itself made the movie awkward. but it's ok cuz as soon as i heard sephiroth's voice, i blocked off everything else. XDDD his voice is sexy. *swoons* my dad yelled at me cuz he said i was screaming too loud. lmao.

i was planning on having the banner contest this week but it seems i will be busy with all these sig requests and other banner contests. so yeah. i may have to postpone it to next week and if possible at the end of this week. :)

i lied when i said last week was the asian hot man week. it might last throughout this week too. MWAHAHAHH!!! take THAT chris! >DD oh yeah. this is Wang Lee Hom. Actor/singer. Super hot too ;] great thing he also speaks REALLY good fluent english. he probably speaks better english than some of us here. haha.

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