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Friday, May 19, 2006

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10:30PM Thursday

well, my ankle is definitely feeling ALOT better than it did yesterday. i can actually walk wincing. it still hurts a little at certain angles but i'm getting better. :) and yes. i did win the badminton game right when i fell on my ankle.anwyays today was the last day of block schedule. i actually liked my 2 hours classes [except bio...eww]. I just realized that i haven't done any of my homework the whole week. lol. oh joy. that means staying up tonight. =.=

On better news i think i'm gonna have a banner battle contest. I'll have more info for you guys soon :)

hinaru - no actually it's not even summer yet. ^^'
I think that's it for today. :)

I forgot his name but he was in this korean movie i was watching. it's called 'make it big'. absolutely hilarious haha.

just to take up more space i'll post some banners i just recently did. lol.

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