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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

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Name: Sara
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11:45pm Tuesday

hm..well didn;t get to some of you guys again. too much stuff to do since this week we are still doing the CST testing. *sigh* 2 hours periods for 4 days =.= oh joy. but yeah. fell asleep on my comp after school...woke up then after dinner went swimming. XD i'm hingry again. lol.

anyways. soomeone asked me about that one pic i had the day before and wanted to know who it was. He is a model. Travis Fimmel. You'll probably recognize him to play Tarzan that used to be on ktla. *shrug*yes. he's hot XD

not much to talk about today since it was boring so here's a surprisingly hot picture of jay chou. this is byfar the best pic of him yet...even though he is ugly as hell, his body isn't ;]

I need more excitement in my life...i need yamapi >.<

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