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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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Name: Sara
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10:40pm Monday

sorry if i missed your site. during the time i usually visit my sites, i wasn't home. I got to the first few people on my list but yeah. i'll try today. i tend to find things out at the last minute so this happens alot *sigh* it kind of annoys me. >.<

anyways. i totally forgot to tell you guys about that play i went to on saturday. ^^' anyways. that day, right when i was about to leave for the play, my sisters boyfriend's car got hit by another car. luckily it was parked...^^' the play was actually funnier than i expected it to be. haha. the only thing i wasn't very fond of was audience participation. oO in my mind i was all like " oh hell no " when they pulled some people out of the audience...but it was superfantabulous when they did a shortened version of hamlet backwards. lmao. it was so funny....good times..

hm...started to watch some new anime. Recently started to watch Jyu Oh Sei. ^_^ whee...Bishies everywhere *drool* same with Kiba but it doesn't feel very new to me. Robes [pronouced Roh-bess] is ♥. XD There aren't alot of great anime out lately. *sigh* same with manga though. everytime i go to borders now, it takes me forever to find a good book to read...i walk down the same isle like 4 times before i decide to take something. *sigh*

I need a time management class. haha.

I dedicate all my beautiful pics of half naked men to Chris. :)

Matsumoto Jun. not exactly hot but he has this feel to him that melts me >.< *glomp* you know you like it chris.....

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