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Monday, May 15, 2006

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9:40pm Sunday

happy late mother's day to all you mother's out there. ^_^ I made my mom some breakfast in bed [since i'm kind of poor and can't afford a gift] but she seemed really happy so it's all worth it. anyways. just came back from the pool after we went out for mother's day dinner. It was cold but not as cold as it was during winter >.< [we actually went swimming in the winter]

ZOMG! i found my first bruise after so many years!! GASP! anyways. remember how i had that SUPER masive headache that made me feel like shit? well that day after i came home, i went to take a shower and i almost died after i tripped in the tub...the spot i hit the metal part of the shower with now has a small itty bitty bruise. after years of not being able to get a bruise, this is big news..well at least me it is. *nods*

I'm officially done with that painting i was working on for my outside art class but my teacher wants to keep it for a week. so it'll be up by next monday. ^_^

today went to the mall after art class and sat there for about 5 hours just reading. there aren't a lot of interesting book now. I started to read hot gommick and 'never give up'...I wish more hana kimi was out. it's one of my all time favs. and plus sano is hot >.< and then read some yaoi book ;] woot! and after dinner a whole bunch of us were at this asian store and there was this really cool eraser that looked like gum...my cousin bought it and started to eat it. lmao!!! i swear it was so funny when he found out it was an eraser!!! me and my other cousin were dying from a laugh attack. haha. he started to spit like crazy after he found out. haha...funny stuff....

I was also thinking about either having a banner contest or an avatar contest. hm..not sure yet :)

can anyone guess who this is?

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