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Saturday, May 13, 2006

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Name: Sara
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9:40PM Friday

sorry if I didn't get to some of you. i was having this major head splitting headache and man...i felt like shit all day. =_= ever since second period this morning until dinner time i was in pain. i wasn't thinking very straight either so yeah.

anyways. tomorrow I'm gonna go to that school play i was talking about on thursday. I didn't go on thursday since i totally forgot about it and i didn't get tp buy the tickets for tonight since the line was WAY too crowded so i'm gonna go buy the tickets tomorrow at the door. *shrug* and plus my friend is sick today. so we're going tomorrow night. ^_^

went to the mall today. i bought a legolas poster and some straws to fold straws..i was low on money so yeah. but if i had money i would've came home with like 5 bags of things. lmao. yeah....

I was thinking about having another layout contest. not sure yet...any suggestions to a type of contest i can host? :)

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