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Monday, May 8, 2006

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Name: Sara
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9:30PM Sunday

Hm..well, I'm sick. =_= i was just slightly sick friday afternoon but my cousin [who is also sick] slept over. She only sleeps in my room cuz she's not allowed to sleep with the boys and my sister's a really light sleeper so any noise wakes her up...Then saturday night she came over again and the sickness got worse. Now i can't goa nywhere without boogers flying everywhere..lmao.

Thanks for those who left a comment on my art. Now all i need is something new to draw. haha. I think sometime next week I may have a new art up since I'm still working on this acrylic painting at my art class....I'm only there once a week so it takes a long time. :)

Today I went to my cousins baby shower ^_^ She just got married last year. :) It was fun. People won gift cards to jamba juice. I wish i got one. =_= my cousins friends are VERY loud..It was like echoing throughout the room. lol. seriously...no kidding. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet so it was all good XDDD

My nose is killing me....

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