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Saturday, April 29, 2006

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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9:10pm Friday

hm..Don't really know what to say at the moment. eh...oh. my friend fixed the cell phone so now it can make calls again. woot. >.< my mom said something weird to me about the phones. she said 'no text messages but you can call as much as you want'....*cough* well, i thought it was weird at the moment. lol. :)

thank you people who commented on my pic. X] i notice that there have been ALOT more people coloring their pictures on photoshop and the such now. before there wouldn't even be one. now it's like 1/3 of all the artists color it digitally. has the world gone mad?! I finally see what you mean now lindsey, about people abandoning traditional art. *sigh* the world has been currupted!! so now, I think I won't be coloring things digitally for awhile. I'll stick to hand coloring ;]

also thanks you for 3,000+ visits. XDD

i got too lazy to make it look any better. lol. XD

man the guy from china [the one i was talking about yesterday] is seriously getting on my nerves. He has the worst table manners ever i swear. it ANNOYS me. He talks with his mouth full of food and sometimes food flies from his mouth. he sticks his chopsticks into the soup after he already slobbered all over them. He puts his legs on top of empty chairs. *rips out hair* It hasn't even been a month yet and i hate him already. >_<

eh. ok. I'm done. i've been doing a lot of rants...how weird...

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