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Monday, April 17, 2006

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11:55pm Sunday

hey guys. erm..Happy late easter. ^_^ I was kind of busy this weekend so I didn't get a chance to update. Friday : rain SUPER hard. Our whole entire second hall was flooded like a river. Literally. the water was almost ankle high. and this was only during sixth period. =_= damn. I later went to the mall with my friend. We were at this shoe store and the people kept following me around as if i was gonna steal their shoes or something. it was really annoying. *sigh*

Saturday: went bowling. My brother and cousin decided that they rather spend the day with my cousins from new york than help our bowling team get a better ranking in the league. we had barely managed to win with only me there. phew. but i was certainly pissed...then later went to my other cousins house with another one of my cousins to go play ping pong at my cousins house..i kow. too many cousins. @_@ then my aunt dropped us off at the movie theaters. we movie hopped to four different movies. We first saw Scary Movie 4. It's funny but I thought it would be funnier. Then we went to watch Benchwarmers. SUPER hilarious. It's really good. If you love nerdy people acting funny[me], You'll love this movie. haha.then we went into IceAge2 for like fifteen minutes. It's not as good as i expected it to be. just doesn't have the same flow as the first. Then we went into She's the man. DUDE i love this movie. its hilarious and plus, if you love sweaty hot soccer players, WHOO its nice. *daydreams in LaLaLand*....But its really funny. ^_^

k and today: went to art class. watched some more japanese dramas. went to souplantation [super full] came home. watched some more dramas. helped make moms dinner. ate fresh boiled shrimp. helped my mom with the sticker thingies again. and wahlah. i have a stomach-ache TT.TT *rubs belly* it hurts. :(

oh yeah. thank to those who left a comment on the KH2 wallpaper. I really appreciated it. XD

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