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Thursday, April 13, 2006

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9:15pm Wednesday

K well, didn't update yesterday cuz I got too lazy. XDD hah..i've been having those kind of days lately...and plus I was watching anime and japanese dramas all day. lol. Creed from Blackcat is SOO hot. *drool* and there was this one scene that took my breath away...CREED. in the bathtub. looking UB3R sexy. nothing gets better than that >_< It really made my day. lmao.

*sigh* I really need a life. =_= entertain me! Later on this week I'm gonna go talk to the counselors about them putting me into japanese next year instead of mandarin3. I asked my sister what to do and she totally freaked out. haha. she told me to go to the counselors and tell them to change it or I'll ask my parents to come down to the school to talk to them. lol. she said counselors don't want to deal with parents so if you threaten them with parents, they'll listen to you. XDD I thought that was funny...I'm gonna try that. :)

and the image that got me drooling >_<

GAH!! ♥♥♥

EDIT - THANK YOU CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the best, bud ;]

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