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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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Location:California, USA
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11:53pm Monday

BWAHHAHAH!!! another layout up. I wasn't too satisfied with my blackcat layout so I just remade another one...which explains why I didnt visit on sunday. I had to help my sister and brother move their beds out of their rooms. My sister all of a sudden wanted my brothers room so they switched...and I had to help. =_= oh joy...then later that night we went to claim jumper O_O we totally forgot how big the dishes were so each of us got our own and wow. only one of us managed to finish what's on our plates. lol. we took back four take out boxes home.....yeah..I could barely breathe. lol.

and today...hm..put up the layout but I couldn't find the full version of the new song...darn..its a really good song though..although it might be alittle out of place with the layout but who cares. XDD I sure as hell don't. If anyone knows where I can get the full song [.mp3 would be preferred] please let me know. The song right now is only 46 seconds long...

and this week I might not be able to visit as much since I'm back at school. *sigh* oh the joy. and plus I'm really gonna try this quarter...I'm gonna have to..TT.TT we did our scheduling today and the conselor wouldn't let me go to japanese. >[ she kept saying that if I only do two years of one language and then take another language it would look really bad so she's all like "You can either go on to Mandarin3 or just not take any languages at all..."..=_= so now I'm forced to take Mandarin3. :/ this sucks...

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