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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

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12:14am 3-5-06

Ok, I'm officially back on myotaku. XD Monday I was at my moms work most of the time. after that, I came home and slept for a while. ^^' I had a busy weekend so yeah. Yesterday was a relaxation day for me. Didn't do anything but watch anime. ^_^ But it really helped me for inspiration for the clothing designs for my animation project thing. I'm doing a more modernized version of Cinderella anime style...I think I'm going to have a dragonball Z fight in there. lmao.

Ok, since I haven't been visiting much lately, I'll try my best to get to everyone ok? If I don't get to your site, don't take it personally because I am also gonna be doing my animation project at the samw time. haha. talk about multi-tasking. X] But I really will try to get to peoples sites today. ^_^ I'll also have some art up soon...I hope. lol. ^^'

eh. I think I'll have an image up now to take you away from my boring post. XD

Ok, I have no idea where this pic is from, but it totally got my attention. That's one hot boy ;d I'd rape him ANYTIME.

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