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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

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9:41pm 3-28-06

ugh. sorry for not visiting again. Lately it seems I'm getting distracted easier and easier. =_= But yeah, I spent most of the day looking for Haku pics and failed. TT.TT if anyone can find any GOOD pics of Haku [naruto] then can you PLEASE let me know. :) after failing miserably with the Haku pics, I got inspired to make a Naruto wallpaper >_< I like this one because its less grunge than my other ones. :) so if you like, feedback would be nice. X]

K well alot of you asked for the link to the fanfic I was reading so heres the censored version: ThreeAlls. If you want to read the uncensored version [thats where the real yaoi comes in ^_~] then visit the authors LIVEJOURNAL. The fic is called ThreeAlls. Oh and also to let you all know, yesterday was actually the day KingdomHearts2 was shipped out. It's actually Wednesday that the game is actually out. Good luck to all you who are buying it. ^_^ and of course the graphics are much better since SquareEnix is contually getting better with the graphics. >_< It's currently one of the best out there for computer graphics. :)

um..It was raining real hard over here..but this time I was prepared!!!! BWAHHAAHHAH!!! yesh me and my beautiful green umbrelly. XD but because of te rain we couldn't play badminton today since we were all sharing the gym with like 4 other classes. *shrug* X]

I'll do my best to visit today. No distractions >[ bad sara BAD!

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