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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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9:45pm 3-27-06 The Red Rain

well I got distracted from a fanfic so I didn't update. haha. ^^' whoops. But it's realyl sad. It got me tearing up a several times. *sniff* and yes. It was yaoi [I'm pretty sure you guys should know by now..it's the only thing I read online. haha] . It's really sad though. One of the few fanfics that has gotten me to cry. If they make me cry, then it of course it's a very well written fanfic...I love it when I cry, as weird as that sounds.

k well today during animation class, we spent the whole classtime watching a powerpoint presentation by one of the other girls in my class. The presentation started at the beginning of class last friday...yeah. The presentation was on SquareEnix, most famous for their Final Fantasy Series and Kingdom Hearts. X] It was really good though. the graphics for FFXII ARE SO FREAKIN GOOD! *shifty eyes* we were watching the trailers that haven't come out in America yet. lol. but yeah. the graphics is top-notch. its crazy. If only they had more than the advent children movie. I personally am not a game player so yeah. I think Kingdom Hearts 2 should be coming out today. I'm not exactly sure. *shrug*

Spent the rest of afterschool reading. ^^' yes I know. I'm almost to the point of obsession. XD but it's ok. I like it. haha. :)

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