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Sunday, March 26, 2006

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10:46pm 3-25-06

man once again sorry for not being able to visit alot of you. everytime i plan to visit, something always comes up. i hate it when that happens. it's like life doesn't like me enough to let me visit. i mean its always right after i update or something, my mom would make me go help her with something that would last all day or i had to go somewhere even if i didn't want to go...life is so unfair sometimes. it really bugs me sometimes. :\ does that ever happen to you? I might not be able to visit very much today/tomorrow either cuz i have to [once again] go to my moms factory =_= joy....

well anyways. today at bowling i did pretty good. all three games got over my average and next week we're gonna go to the city tournament and then the week after that, we have a bowl-a-thon fundraiser thing. X] when i was bowling something real weird/funny happened to me...i let go of the ball on the lane and i slipped and fell halfway down the lane...and it turns out, i also made a strike on that same turn. O_O weird...i had to crawl back cuz the lane was so slippery. =_= i guess i have bad footwork? haha. XDD lucky me though.

hm..then er..later for dinner we went to eat pho!!! I LOVE pho. if you haven't yet had some, go eat some. Pho is vietnamese noodles. It's like the BEST ever. X]] and then we stopped by baskin robbins...:)

em. I think I'm done talking about today. I seriously will try to get to as many people this time. If i don't make it to your site. i am deeply sorry. things just dont work out for me a lot of the times...'_' it kinda sucks....

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