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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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Name: Sara
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le gasp

well haven't updated in a while...again. lol. but this time its for a good reason. saturday i was busy with bowling and had to go to my moms work to help her out since she was in mexico having a break from work. sunday i had a bowling tournament which didnt even end till 5. i did pretty bad for me so yeah...most likely i'm not gonna make it to the state finals...i guess it was the atmosphere i was in...i was a loner. TT.TT everyone was like around 18-19 years old..while i'm..16..and plus they all had their friends with them. :[ yeah..then after we went to cosco to eat [i havent eaten all day] and my stupid dumbass cousin decided to be his dumbass self and drop his freakin ketchup and mustard filled hotdog on my shoes..they were the fabric type of material too. >[ ya know..i don't know how many years i've been hating him...i'm somewhat amazed i havent strangled him to death yet...then when i got home i had to start on my mandarin project that i didnt have time to do all weekend..then monday i had to study for the CAHSEE [California High School Exit Exam] and hw. i was a little on the lazy side too. lol.

Took the test yesterday. It was actually easy. lol. for more than an hour of the first section,[test is 2 hours] i was jus sitting there...then like the last 30 minutes i took out a book and read...i was surprised i didnt fall asleep. lol. then the second part came and i was sitting there for quite a long time too..i dont know exact since the clock in the room wasn't working. but it was torture just sitting there unable to get off my seat. but then again, i would rather taken those test then go to 1st-4th period. lol.

well I'll visit after school. XD wish me luck on todays test. [yesterday-english today-math].

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