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Saturday, March 4, 2006

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Name: Sara
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black bubbles

hey guys. sorry for not visiting the other day. i got really distracted by a new anime series to watch and lots n lots of yaoi doujin ^_~ but i did get to visit some yesterday. but not much since right after school i went to my friends house for a project we didnt even do. lol. we just sat there messing around. haha. but it was fun. ^_^

well it rained yesterday pretty hard in themorning but it stopped raining in the middle of the day >[ argh. ITS SUPPOSED TO RAIN SO HARD TILL ITS ALMOST HAILING!!!!!!! *breaks table* i want rain. =/ shame..

hm..not that interesting of a post but im sure tomorrows will have more fun stuff to talk about. like bowling and all that jazz X] i'll probably start another wallpaper if i have time. i still need to finish the hw i have for the weekend. been procrastinating too much..havent done hw the whole week..^^'

woot its the weekend!! XDD

yet another yaoi pairing from P.O.T [prince.of.tennis] its pretty >.<

i love the green. PURRTY XD

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