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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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well i think my parents are both having PMS or something. they both wont stop yelling at me about the stupidest thing. my dad was yelling at me because i left my alarm clock in my sisters room. i mean seriously. what the hell is up his ass..jeez. and my mom. ugh. i dont even wanna talk about it. they need a day off or something. sheesh.

anyways. yesterday morning i left the house without my sweatshirt so i was like dying. lol. and i just remembered it would rain in the afternoon =_= so yeah. it rained earlier than expected. it rained second period on. im so lucky my friend offered me a ride or else i would've have to walk home in the rain..and it usually takes me 45 minutes to get home. and plus i didnt have a sweatshirt. haha. stuppy me. then i went to her house for a little bit to hang out and everything. then i went home. im such a procrastinator. i told myself i would stop procrastinating but here i am procrstinating like there is no tomorrow...literally...

then my sisters bf came and we played games. kakaka! at first we played tetris and i kept dying...it was the newer version of tetris for gamecube. its so much harder! then we played double dash..the game kept freezing so that was driving me nuts. >_< yeah. that lasted a while..then my sister made biscuits. you know the one with layers? yeha. hehe.

hopefully i got to everyone. if not im sorry. i visited more than 15 people in like half an hour. thats alot..i was power reading/speed typing. lots of typos >_< darn. haha.

my fav yaoi/shounen ai pariing. they're so cute together!!! ♥♥♥ X]

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