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Friday, February 24, 2006

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Name: Sara
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stab my back

eh. got too lazy to update any earlier. haha. but anyways. its friday!! woot! had a test on the book we were reading today. anyone heard of 'Of Mice and Men"? the ending is so sad. :( poor Lennie. but yeah. the test was pretty ok. X] During sixth period i dont know what happened but when i came into the room this guy was holding a dead humming bird. i think they found it in the room or something. im not sure...

well anyways. i finished making Lingo's layout for his site. it pretty much looks like mine. X] but i like the image more than i like my own. lol. i noticed everytime i make layouts for people i always end up liking it more than my own. lol. well nothing else interesting happened today. its been like that lately. oh yeah. its shinya's -from Dir En Grey- birthday today. XD my friend shari is OBSESSED about it today..she just walks up to random people and say.." its shinya's bday today. :)" and just walks away. lol. its funny.

well yeah. maybe my post will get more interesting tomorrow or something. lol. ah..i know what will make it more interesting....PICTURES.

For the bigger version click HERE. X] [it looks alot better bigger ^_~]

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