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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
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Location:California, USA
Occupation: Lazy person
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laziness the side effect of life

Didn't update yesterday cuz I saw some people's sites were kinda messed up with people updating but not really updating at the same time. Kinda weird. Didn't want to deal with weirdness so I didn't. k I'm confusing myself. @_@ well anyways. I had a pretty good presidents day. Went to the mall to see if anyone turned in my lost cellphone at borders. No one did. :[ I wasn't allowed to buy anything since my sister was in a rush. Everytime I passed by Hot Topic I would get sad. haha. I REALLY want this Taking Back Sunday shirt. TT.TT sad. Then went home and redid my own myspace and also my cousins. I like his more than mine. :\

Er..oh yeah. My dad's fish died. It's actually kinda funny how it died. My dad was filling up the tank with more water but it turns out he forgot to shut the water and the fish kinda drowned in its own tank....=_= weird huh..the water overflowed. Ever heard of a fish drowning? lol. What a waste of a 2thousand dollar fish. Funny how my dad loved that fish and he was the one who ended up killing it.

Also, I did my first ever drawing on paint and also my first time drwing with my new tablet!!!! >_< WEEEHEE~!. its not all that great but its an accomplishment for me. XD FANART HERE.

I also shrunk my music player so its more compact. saves alot more space. X]

Have you noticed that, for once, most of my post has the right capitalizations and spelling? gasp. Its a revolution!!!

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