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Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Name: Sara
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still too lazy..

well i got too lazy again and didnt even try to fix the stupid comment link. haha. *shrug* k well. i hope i got to everyone. this morning my mom totally made me late to school. at least 20 minutes late >[ argh. she was taking her time getting ready when we woke her up. *sigh* this is why i dont like it when my mom brings us to school. shes always making us late. if it was my sister, we'd leave right away. =_= anyways. today we had a lockdown drill so yeah. we sat in the dark for lke 20 minutes but it was kinda fun i guess. haha. for once today it was cold. i love cold >_< im sure you know that already..if not, then now you know. X]

nothing really interesting happened. watched some anime on youtube. finished volume 3 of gto. and im about to watch initial D. heh. ^^' onec again distracted by anime...that seems to be happening alot lately. heh ^^'

random fact: i had to pay for my own permit. '_'


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