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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


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oh well....

ok today didnt get much time to actually fix the whole comment part. sucks. but hey...i have good news...well for me at least. haha. i...GOT MY PERMIT!! woot!!! i was at the dmv for like 2 hours. but its alright. i was all confused at first but its not as confusing as i thought it would be. its weird...everytime i take the permit test i always miss exactly six questions. on my sample ones i miseed six on all of them. and then on my permit test i only miss 6...i think 6 is my new number. haha.

but anyways. if i missed you im sorry. didnt get much time to visit at all. k last night i stayed up till 2:30 and woke up at 6 just to finish my stupid poster for this english project we did. i hate english. *smashes its nonexistant head into the wall*...then in animation we had another sub i was on the computers. but the school computeres decided to be gay and ban me from certain sites..like myo!! >[ *beats school computers up*....yeah. so then after school we went straight to the dmv. got my permit. then right after we went straight to my sisters bf's house to decorate his room as a surprise on valentines. he surprised my sister the day before since he knew he couldnt spend valentines with her. so anyways. he lives like 45 minutes away from us but once we got into the freeway it was traffic hour....=_= so we were on the freeway for almost two hours. but when we got to his house we trashed his room with vday stuff. haha. we TP-ed his room with red tissue paper thingies. it looks awesome. haha. ><. then we came home. i made my card and walah. my day is done. haha.

so yeah. thanks for the comments on the fanart. >_< it wasnt very new since i always got too lazy to actually post it up....i was in my lazy days....which is..everyday. haha.

hm..i only sent the cards to those who have updated yesterday so if you didnt get one, sorry. heh ^^' sent over 20 cards in less than 20 minutes...talk about talent. LMAO.

oh yeah. thanks to those who sent me a card. XDD i'll post it up later if i get unlazy. lol.

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