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Sunday, February 12, 2006


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Name: Sara
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mood: -GAH~!! *smaches head into wall*

hey guys. :] sorry for not visitinf AT ALL.

Saturday >>>>| k well woke up. went to friends house to work on project but everyone [including me] didnt feel like doing anything so we totally just DID nothing. haha. we just sat there and talked. =_= yes i know. bad. but hey, its hard work just talking. *nods* definitely. anyways. we just sat there watching movies, going online for a bit [myo wouldnt load for some reason. *stabs computer*. but yeah. so around 3:30 i walked to my cousins house [only a ten minute walk...pretty close] and stayed there for a while. my cousins comp hasnt been working for a while. darn. so for an hour or so i just lied on her floor and watch music vids onher moms tv. i almost fell asleep...i was tired....from doing nothing. but still.. it got me pretty tired...then my sister picked me up to get ready to go my cousins 21st bday party. they were planning on making him drunk as hell. haha. but yeah. we waited for my other cousin to arrive and yeah. that took a while. when we got over the place we were eating, we had to wait for almost two hours for seats...since we had 22 people. haha. yeah..the food was pretty good. my cousin got REALLY wasted there. haha. he even threw up in the bathroom...poor guy. haha. so yeah. we didnt even leave the resaurant till like...almost 12. so yeah. got home pretty late...i fell asleep on my bed the minute we got home...i didnt even change out of my clothes. so yeah. wore jeans to sleep. ^_^

but this morning...woke up late for art class....again. ^^' dammit. *shrugs* oh well. anyways. i HATE acrylic paint >[ but yeah. i rather do watercolor. ^_^ yeah...thats pretty much thats happened so far....'_'

anyways. layout update. the only things i need now is to get rid of the stupid text in the background. [you can still see the 'archives' link and the 'top pf the page' link on the right. and i still need to put the site rules right under where it says 'control'. *sigh* more work...=_=

anyways. ill try my best to visit who left a comment yesterday since im still working on the layout and i still need to finish that stupid english project. =_= i hate school SOOO much. no pic today. X]

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