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Wednesday, February 8, 2006


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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
Member since: 04/03/05
Location:California, USA
Occupation: Lazy person
Hobbies: whatever makes me happy



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hm..i dont really feel like updating right now. haha. tired. sore from bench press at school. i hate working out =_=. stupid stupid stupid. but yeah. feeling lazy right now. haha. but anyways. er..the skit went out pretty well but the two guys in our group totally forgot their lines. =_= argh. but yeah. i was uber ninja. OWN3D!! JK. haha. but yeah. eh lets see...oh yeah. im planning on getting a tablet soon. but im not sure where i can find one..i was thinking about best buy. *shrug* im also thinking about entering a art contest but im kinda lazy to even start on it. ^^' jeez. im like too lazy to do anything. =_=

i need a haircut...my hair is getting too long. its already almost at my waist. i kinda wanna cut it myself. XDD but i might kill someone. haha. =_=

and THANK YOU chris for the uber hot card ;] you guys know me too well. lmao.

once i rule the world, the first thing im going to do is surround myself with bishies!!! BWAHHAHAH!!! and then ill make chris my slave. KAKAKAKA!! then i shall torture him and lock him in a room full of bishies. >< oh what fun!!!!! *rubs hand together evilly*

still out of pics...still too lazy to look. lol

like i said earlier in the post. im LAZY. and thats how it end. DUN DUN DUN!

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