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Tuesday, February 7, 2006


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Name: Sara
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cant stay long

hey guys. sorry for not updating yesterday. i was too tired from the party to update. and yeah. today had a whole bunch of stuff to do today. had my mandarin group come over and rehearse our skit for chinese new years. haha. yeah..its kinda old. but its uber cool with me as a ninja. KAKAKAKKA!!! i get to steal a family's dog. >< coolies! and yeah. but today i had to walk home in the sun wearing black and carrying a ginormous blender. haha. [dont ask. but just in case you do, it was for bio] my dad said he'd pick me up but he couldnt make it. =_= that sucked.

but anywho. birthday update. thanks to those who made me a card. i REALLY appreciate it. haha. i get so excited when i get cards. XDD i usually dont get cards so yeah. X]lindus even drew me something!!! CRAZY!!! and shes like a crazy ass artist. XD but yeah. this is also the first birthday ive had on myo. woot! and also the first time i got money. yay. XD i got a bajillion red envelopes. haha. one guy even gave me a 50. crazy. >< but yeah. maybe this time i can afford a guitar and a pen tablet. YAH!!!


if i forgot your card im sorry. i mustve deleted the pm on accident. i tend to do that alot sometimes....'_'

well anyways. i dont know what else to talk about so im gonna go. ^_^ zai jian.

i ran out of pictures....

k i ran out of pics to put up here. and being as lazy as i can get, i dont wanna look for pics. haha. so im just gonna have random banners/siggys ive done. *shrug* what can i say...i get bored...

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