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Sunday, February 5, 2006


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hey guys!! sorry for the lack of posts this time again. heh. been kinda lazy and distracted again. =_= but hey onthe good side.....ITS MY BDAY!!!! woot!! i know how alot of people see the sixteenth birthday is pretty special to them for different reasons. but for me, probably the only thing special is that i get more money and its not raining. haha. and the fact that this time, not everyone forgot it was my birthday. so thats a big change. anyways. i would first like to thank chubbie chibies SOOOOOOOOOO much for sending my the first bday card. thanks so much!!!!

your awesome. thanks again! i would show you my second card, but lets just say....its a little graphic. it might disturb you again, just like that pic i one posted with the realistic draco and harry. *shudders* im pretty sure you wouldnt want to see it. and plus you guys probably dont know who she is. shes from the forum i always talk about. X]

anyways. just recently went to a summer oppportunities fair and found lots of things. ive been trying to find a place where i can learn how to play a guitar but there was always something with the program that i just didnt fit into. like this one good program was only for electric guitars. and this other one, they only accept you if you already know how to play...which i dont. and this other one, its only for ages 8-10. sucks so badly. =_= life is unfair.

well anyways. ill try to visit as much as i can during the party. X]

edit** got the card fixed. and yes. im 16X]


haha. really random...

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