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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

   *sigh* tired...

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cows are cool...and you know it...

man im tired. haha. for some reason this morning woke up at 4:43am and saw that my light was on...its so weird cuz for like the whole week that light wasnt working. so yeah. i turned it off and fell back asleep..so i woke up at 7am and thought the whole light incident was a dream...but then i turn on the light and...IT TURNED ON!! its so weird!! i swear i was all freaked out. haha. but when i got back from school, the light wasnt working again..=_=...seriously weird...

k well recently i found out that my cousin, from my sunts husbands side, got stabbed by a knife. it was really surprising since apprently the person that stabbed my cousin, kenny, was trying to steal his ipod. but monday night my uncle let us know that kenny is ok and is doing fine recovery. im glad. :) he might be violent and obnoxious at times but he was pretty alright. so people with ipods. watch out. people are really desperate for ipods nowadays.

haha i realized that yesterday the link i had up for the wallpaper wasnt right. haha. whoops. so yeah, heres the RIGHT link this time. haha. enjoy. X]

k well a bad thing about having my bday this sunday...for all you football people, SUPER BOWL. weird..my bday is on super bowl night. haha. man...what a bad day for me to have a party. =_= but hopefully all my uncles will just go to our house and watch the game there. so yeah. 4 MORE DAYS!!!!! woot! so exciting!!

well got realyl distracted today with aim so yeah...need to start on hw..still havent done it. heh ^^' darn.

i ran out of pics...

i seriously DID run out of pics to put up. haha. man...need to restock. XDD but yeah. the pic is cool nonetheless. i still like it. X]

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