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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


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Name: Sara
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how sad...

hey guys. sorry for later post than usual. just got back from my grandmas chinese new year dinner party. the money wasnt as good as i expected....i probably got less than last year TT.TT and then my mom just now just took back the money we got. darn. haha. just when i thought i could get away keeping it to myself. >[ oh well....*shrug* but yeah. anyways. my mom finally decided to have my bday party at home since we were gonna invite so many people. X] my family is too big to fit into norms or any place like that. not enough seats...trust me...definitely not enough seats...and this is only direct family. haha. but yeah. cant wait till sunday!! >< my sister still thinks im 13..=_= its kinda sad really...

k well i finally made that wallpaper i said i would make..although im not sure if its not 'pretty'...i guess you'd be the judge of that. heh. ^^' but i like it. :]

k anyways. if i missed your site, you probably updated after i left to my grandmas house. but HOPEFULLY nothing special will effect my visiting pattern again...why cant i ever get a uneventful day when i want to?! its just not fair...but then..the worlds not fair right? damn straight.

k well...yeah. some responses to comments.

Sesslover18 - i used the adobe imageready that came with the photoshop. you HAVE to let me know how you do your wallies!!! >< IM BEGGING YOU!!!!..*cough*

EAMR - well, the thing is...i really dont care if i freeze to death cuz i love the cold too much...so much that my body also likes to be cold..my brother said i was coldblooded...in a way..i wouldnt want to drive in CA either...its crazy over here...=_=

oh yeah. i found out that where i was itchy yesterday i now have a few cuts from scratching so much..=_= damn. and thanks to all who've wished me a happy bday. ^_^ i love you all. *huggles* [and for the last time. jiggly = no player. *coughanimegirl501cough*...XDDD


i love the colors. you'll only know who he is if you've read or watched FMA. for the anime its around the end of the series. im not sure about hte manga though....

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