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Monday, January 30, 2006


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Name: Sara
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can't stop scratching eye =_=

haha hey guys. :] i cant stop scratching the area around my eyes. =_= its so damn itchy. it kinda stings now. :[ dammit. and plus my hands feel like ice blocks right now. im always cold. haha. i swear im cold blooded. bleh..but anyways. hopefully my updating schedule will return back to normal now that finals are over. :] im just plain happy. a new semester with new people...kinda...haha. *scratch* DAMMIT! i still cant stop scratching. i have a feeling im gonna have this huge ugly blister on my face tomorrow. TT.TT this sucks...

well anyways. i finally submitted the colored version of my drawing i did a while ago [for those whose seen it halfway done, its complete]. well anyways. im too lazy to have up a thumb so just click the stupid LINK.

k my weekend. saturday went bowling. did pretty good but yeah. not very eventful the whole morning. got home for just a little bit but left to go to my grandmas house for dinner at around 1pm. stayed there the rest of the day. my brother and cousin got me to play games with them. haha. yeah..we were all ganging up on my little cousin on the fighting games. haha. stupid little boy. hes so damn bratty and annoying. hes lucky hes so cute. =_= or else i wouldve eaten him already. played starfox and a whole bunch of other games. my aunt said she might get me a wireless mouse for my bday!!! YAY!!

and for those who are curious. my bday is exactly 6 days from now. February 5th. next sunday. >< YAY!! im turning 16~!!!! so happy ^_^

k well sunday/today[for me] woke up pretty late. btw happy chinese new years everyone. i already mentioned it but who cares. anyways. i helped my mom in the kitchen all morning preparing for lunch. during the first day of chinese new years your not allowed to eat meat/chee-wait..i think i mentioned it yesterday..*shrug* if you wanna learn the chinese words you say to people [kinda like a greeting] you can go ask Alex. he has his l33t chinese skills. haha. JK. but he does know it. :] gong hay fat[faght] choi. sun leen fai lok. X] well yeah. after lunch i did pretty much nothing. but tomorrow we're going to my other grandparents house for dinner so that means $$$$$ for me. XDDD BWAHHAHAHAHH!!!!!...*cough* but thats not what chinese new years is about kids. its about celebrating a new year. :]

k well i think i might've mentioned i just recently got photoshop earlier. but yes. i finally [yes, FINALLY] got off my lazy ass and looked for tutorials on how to do stuff. and i experimented and wallah! my first creation with photoshop. whoosh. [k that was lame but w/e]

the splash where it hits the text got messed up so yeah. i need to work on that. =_=

k im done with the post. you can go away now....LOL. JK. X]


awww so cute!!!! naruto and kyuubi. :]

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