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Saturday, December 31, 2005


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Name: Sara
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wow. im in such a good mood. haha. well anyways. today i went looking all over or jsut a trailer for the fma movie and wallah! not only did i find the movie trailer but i found the movie itself!!! O_O i mean it was really crappy quality and the first half i could only see the top of the screen [person who uploaded it recorded it on a camera phone or something like that] but i still LOOOOVVVVEEEEDDDD it. i swear..roy looks like a BAJILLION times hotter than i remember [which was like three days ago] but ZOMG *drool* the movie is really good. ^_^

oh yeah ive decided to start working on a new layout. im not gonna tell you guys what it is though XP you'll see when im done. XD hopefully i'll have it up by new years day....which i jsut realized..is tomorrow-ish. haha. guess ill be working hard.

also tomorrow morning i will be going bowling and ice skating!! woot! then after that im going straight to my cousins bday party. hes truning 12. :] ahh...my cousins growing up. haha. so if i dont visit that much i DEEPLY apologize. XD i is very sorry. i was gonna start making another wallpaper but got caught up in watching the fma movie. heh ^^' oh well.

ohyeah...i just checked my email and BAM there was like 20+ in my inbox. haha. well i checked it out and it seems i finally got to have some of my pics up on "pic of the hour" on fanart-central....yeah...just thought id mention....=_=. heh.*scratches head*

im also doing a new drawing for my friend as a late christmas gift. heh. lucky me she LOVES sasunaru. yosh! yar har har. so yeah. im almost done then ill color. XD...i just realized...i only have about one more week of break TT.TT for once im not going "IM SO BORED AT HOME!!! KILL ME!!!! *stab stab*..." im more like.."ah....this feels nice..."...its quite a new feeling to me. *nods* LOL.

i goes visits whoever updated right now. XP

aww so cute XP <3333

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