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Thursday, December 29, 2005

   my dad is retarded **

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BWAHAH!! im back for awhile. for once i got to stay home and relax!!! THANK GOD!!! *hugs a random pole* YES! and yesterday we finally brought back that doggy to my cousins house. *sigh* im so happy...no more waking up from the stupid dog wanting to get out. X]

ok i finally put up my sessh wall scroll and OMFG!! ITS SO DAMN SEXAY!!!!! *glomps wall* its so beautiful *sniff*..AND yesterday me and my brother went on a FMA marathon. i downloaded ALL the FMA episodes out so far [subbed] and OMFG!!! ITS SO GOODD!!!!! i cant wait to see the movie now. haha. but im not sure when it'll come out for us...*sigh* so sad...but yeah. yesterday watched all 51 episodes ^_^ we went all the way to 12am. ROY IS SO HOT!!!!..*cough*

so yeah. me, my cousin, and brother were getting some ice cream...and then all of a sudden my dad starting lecturing us....=_= i swear i need to slap him. he shouldnt be allowed to give lectures cuz all it does is confuse my beyond comprehension...cuz he has no idea what the hell he's saying..i wasnt even listening..i was just standing there eating my ice cream. he never gets to his point either which angers me..so when im confused and angry at the same time...i get all psycho..im surprised i didnt yell at him. lol. i swear...gives me a headache listening to him talk..o_O

oh yes. i made a wallpaper today ^_^ i spent like two hours on it just to look right. haha. my first time actually using more than one image...coolies. :]

X] setsuna from angel sanctuary.

i goes visit you alls now. :]

sepiroth is so hot...*drool*

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