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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

   la di ho!

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haha well alot of your were very...disturbed with yesterdays picture link. LOL. i warned you too....lol. yeah...i have even MORE disturbing pics...=_= that was one of the lesser ones. lol. i showed it to my sisters bf and now hes traumatized. LMAO. so funny...

well anyways. thanks to all of you guys that have given me christmas cards. ill post up the ones i got so far on tomorrows post ^_^ and i will also FINALLY start working on those christmas cards after school. haha. XP

ok so far in BlAiZeD's contest there is really tough competition. haha. its a tie between me and iluvkyokun with 19 votes =_= haha so to those who have voted for me thanks so much! i wouldnt have gone that far if it wasnt for you guys! XD you guys R O C K ! ! ! ! !!!!!! >>DD

well today woke up late and was almost late for school....lol. whoops...i guess thats what i get for sleeping at 2 huh? LOL. then i found out i failed my bio test =_= i seriously need to study...>.< im gonna ask my animation teacher if i could borrow the flash program so i can experiment with it at home. haha. woot!eh..im gonna try to get all my coins ready and coinstar all of it! BWAHAHHA!! so then i can afford christmas gifts this year....*sigh*i i might go to the mall on wednesday...not sure....

darn..didnt get to work on my website today. *sigh* too much school stuff going on..

WOOT!! go itachi!!! *glomp*

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